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Roger Swallow


ROGER SWALLOW is the founder of Los Angeles based chu recordswlo music, a division of his swlo, inc, and is an electronic musician and programmer, percussionist, songwriter/lyricist and businessman.
He has 3 decades of experience with sound electronics. Including collaborative efforts with renowned electronic synthesist, Florida's musician-laureate, Jack Tamul, and then, in surely one of the first onstage electronic percussion experiments in modern pop music, he played with Stephen in the legendary Los Angeles band -- Jules (Shear) & the Polar Bears.
As a drummer/percussionist Swallow is perhaps most well known in the British traditional arena with long-time collaborations with such artists as Albion Country Band, Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Musica Resavarta, Robin Williamson, Norma Waterson.
His credits as a percussionist also include such artists as Leon Russell & Rickie Lee Jones. As a lyricist/songwriter, Roger has also had solo recordings and chart successes in the UK & Europe